1. App crashed and is not starting again. How to fix it?

Firstly check whether your data connection/internet is working. That can be sometimes an issue while starting the app. If your connection is fine, go to your phone settings -> app manager -> locate the FzStudios app. Clear the cache and try starting again. If it still doesn't work, inform us at mail id [email protected]


2. How to watch movies and tv series in the app?


There are 2 options - streaming and downloading. If you have a good data connection, streaming is preferable, otherwise downloading is preferable. Downloading is also a good idea if you are planning to board a flight, or going to a rural area or mountain trek. Downloads will occupy disk space on your phone, so plan accordingly.


3. How to share a movie or Tv series recommendation with others?


On any movie page or TV series page, you will get a share button. On clicking that your phone should automatically prompt several social media/email/messenger app options, which you can select accordingly.


4. What about subtitles


Some videos will provide you subtitle on/off option while playing the video. Currently only a fraction of the videos will have this option, but we are working towards providing it for the majority of videos.


5. I have some feature ideas for the app. Will you include them?


We welcome all kinds of ideas and feedback about features. Send us a mail at [email protected] If it is feasible to implement aand benefits a large nunmber of users, we will implement it in future app versions.


6. Do you have a subscription option?


No. The app is free to use and we do not charge any user.


7. Do you have a iPhone app version


We are currently focused on Android app versions only. Maybe in the future, we will consider other platforms as well.


8. Contact us via Email


EmailEmail: [email protected]